A How to Guide from the Inexperienced

Hi everyone! This week’s student blogging challenge is to test your blogging skills. The theme for the challenge is animals. Everyone is to try and incorporate creativity into their post, as well as skills we have acquired as bloggers. I, personally, couldn’t figured out what I acquired, so I decided I’d start from the beginning. And where is that? Well, my first blog post which you can check out here. Anyway, that first post I realized that creativity was mostly being able to stand out from the normal. Stand out from the rules. Think outside the box, if you will. Oh, also, I set up a tracker. Yes, I know, it says I have zero visitors, but hopefully that will change.

Anyway, the category animals includes your pets. Hamsters, dogs, cats, guinea pigs… we all know they are animals! But house-pets aren’t just really cool… They are also incredibly beneficial. Pets affect your lifestyle, your emotions, and your health. Click the link to see even more benefits: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/18/health/la-he-pets-good-bad-20110718  Pets have also been known to lower blood pressure and help with loneliness issues.



Destination: France

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Sasha. Je vais voyager en France en été. J’étudie français à l’école.

Hi everyone! This weeks blogging challenge has everything to do with traveling and I thought hey! I’m traveling this summer!

This summer is only the second time I’m going out of the country. I have been off of the mainland of the U.S., but only out of the country once. It was on a family trip to the Bahamas, and the only other time I’ve gotten off of the mainland was when we went to Hawaii with my family, the summer before.

My school offers “The French Trip” as the students call it. Students who take French for their language program can sign up to go on an EF tour. Visit this link if you want to find out more: http://www.eftours.com/educational-tour/switzerland-italy-france

Every two years, my school participates in the tour. Both 7th and 8th graders can join the trip, and this year we aren’t just going to France, but we are also going to Switzerland AND Italy! I am incredibly excited as it is a three week trip and many of my friends will be going. No parents! We get to choose our own hotel rooms, which should be interesting.

I’m not too keen on the passport photo thought…


P.S. I’ve been playing around with gadgets and I am currently trying to figure how to get a visitor count up. We’ll see how that goes!


So I may have given admin powers to my friend Alex (Alexandra) aaand you might want to say good bye to the blog now 😀

There’s no guarantee she won’t explode my entire blog.

Alexandra has really bad asthma so she just went to the nurse… and didn’t come back… She got caught in the highschool fire-drill!!! I’m dying with laughter I’m so sorry… but we’re middle schoolers so LOL! And she had the asthma attack from laughing about a joke about a tomato. Yup, that’s my best friend. And she has control over my blog. Send help.

P.S. Why did the plane crash? Because the pilot was a tomato.

Yes, she had an asthma attack from this. Two hours after the joke was told.


Hi Sash… I’ve got admin powers! Oh, hi. I’m Alex, Sasha’s BFFL for life. Yes I just repeated “life.” Deal with it. I’m just here to tell you that Sash gave me admin powers and now I can make posts. See ya! Alex

Blocks Built to Be Favorites

See what I did with the title there? No? Well, this is what I did there; my ultimate favorite game ever is MINECRAFT! I’m a total geek! I’m not even kidding… I like to just zone out in MineCraft and build something; most people play MineCraft to kill things and whatnot, but I play it to build. I have no idea what I’ll be doing with my life (lol) but all I know is I can plan things out pretty well. Honestly, MineCraft lets me explore my abilities and figure out what I can do. Recently (actually, yesterday), I managed to waste an hour building a realistically modeled house. A while ago, I used to post what I built and here is the remnants of that… http://minecraftstructuremaker.blogspot.com/

Ok, well while I’m talking about MineCraft, I should probably explain what this has to do anything. Well, this week’s challenge is to talk about your favorite items/things/places/people and so on and so forth.

So what is MineCraft? Well, here is the official MineCraft website: minecraft.net. Click that website and watch the video… It explains pretty much everything I’m trying to say. Oh also, I am typing “MineCraft” but the official name is just “Minecraft.” My computer isn’t happy with me when I type “Minecraft,” so… I’ll make the computer happy! Anyway, MineCraft is the game of blocks, downloadable for PCs, Macs, Xboxes, and quite a lot of other “gaming” consoles. It is super popular, and I didn’t even know this, but it turns out 19,054,468 accounts exist!!! WHAAAA?!?!? Crazy, but here is your proof:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.43.12 PM

I have no idea how that happened. Anyway, MineCraft was bought out by Microsoft (Again, my computer hates me when I type “minecraft”) for 2.5 BILLION. It’s worth a lot… not just to me! I also enjoy programming a ton! Texas is where NASA is located, and my dad is one of the lead computer geniuses. Because of this, I’ve been easily able to figure out computers, and whenever I can’t figure it out, my Dad usually can. He was in Mission Control once! I used to kind of wanted to follow in his footsteps, but now I don’t know, because NASA offers many other “expertise” jobs. I may not want the exact job… maybe something that has to do with designing… I don’t know. Point is, MineCraft keeps me thinking about the moment, not the future, and because of that, it’s easy for me to find a little passion.


So what do you like? Are you a geek like me? Or do you prefer a tangible hobby, like sports (out of ideas) or arts (even more so out of ideas)? I know there are some crazy people in this world who look at school as their love and favorite hobby… I know because my best friend is. She’s crazy, but… aren’t we all?

Blog Roll

Last week I began looking through the March 2015 Students who are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. There are so many! One of the activities for last week’s Challenge was to create a Blogroll and add on tons of blogs, so I thought it would be interesting to scroll through the blogs for this year’s challenge and add a new blog each week, or every time I do the challenge. I want to try and make this little challenge diverse, and so last week a blog from New Zealand was added in! Go check it out! If you know any epic blog, feel free to post the link in the comment section. Just make sure you say where your blog is located (well, more like where you are) so I can add in where you are. Not your address, though… just the country! 😀

Getting Back Into It

Hi everyone! I’m back after a nice long break. We’re back to the blog in my creative writing class! Since the end of last year’s “Student Blogging Challenge,” I haven’t been able to post too much… or… at all… but I finally have an assignment to post! I… uh… am not particularly proud of the audio… so I won’t post that. Something happened and our voices went SQUEEEAK about an octave higher, and then the background music just decided to… I don’t even know. It’s complicated, so here at the lyrics. The song is to “Centuries,” by Fall Out Boy. The lyrics actually fit pretty well the music and it was fun putting it together! Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas, for this post or for ones to come!


–Centuries Parody–


Procrastinators Unite

To the last moment

Work piled over my head

But I won’t give in today

Nintendo is calling my name!

Just five more minutes

Wait, what time is it?

Procrastinators Unite!

We won’t give up without a fight!

Hey, oh hey! Hey…

We won’t give up without a fight!


Black Ops and Assasin’s Creed

But I don’t want to study

Science takes too long

English isn’t fun

History just breaks my… HEART

Come on come on and help me out

Awake at 11:00 like its 1 pm

I’m running out of time

Darkness fading fast

I never meant to put it off this long!


(duh duh duh)


To the last moment

Work piled over my head

But I won’t give in today

Nintendo is calling my name!

Just five more minutes

Wait, what time is it?

Procrastinators Unite!

We won’t give up without a fight!

Hey, oh hey! Hey…

We won’t give up without a fight!

By Sasha and Alexandra

2014sasha.edublogs.org     2014alexandra.edublogs.org

P.S. I just edited my first post because the challenge is the same as the last blogging challenge… If you want to see my “Week 2” blogging challenge for this year than check out my first post… The super “Creative” one that is aimed to destroy your mined with a simple concept… and I actually mean simple I really didn’t try to explain as much as I could… so maybe that’s why it’s so confusing.


You are a detective. You are trying to find out who did it. But what did they do? They stole. Do you wish to follow?

Choice(s): Yes   or   No

If you chose yes, you probably just started continuing with the story. If you decided on no, well, maybe you just weren’t into it. And that’s inklewriter for you. Recently, I have been doing many short story projects, but my English teacher introduced me to a website where you can create your own story and use choices to rewrite it while reading it. It is a great way to combine more than one story into one giant mashup. Currently, I am working on a story that can range from the perspective of the detective, to the culprit, to the bystander, and even the coward. Each one has a purpose, and each one plays carefully into the story, or so I hope they will. I honestly think it’s a good website to try in your free time, as you can literally go anywhere with it!

P.S. http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/

P.P.S. Link to my story: Almost done!

P.P.P.S. Erm… Actually it was abandoned. The due date was moved so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish it. I then decided it would be better to switch projects, but inklestudios is still a cool place to look around.

Let’s Talk Schooling…

My schedule mostly looks like this:

6:35 Wake up… Eat… Get ready… So tired…
7:10 Mkay time to go… Can I take a nap?
7:40 *Head on table in cafeteria*
7:55 First bell! Excitement! Meh.
8:40 First Period ends. I really need a nap now.
9:25 Yay! Math done!
9:25 Tiny, tiny snack break in cafeteria. So crowded.
9:40 Pom pom pom… speech and debate… Done!
10:25 Creative Writing/Orchestra rotate. Me writing the blogging challenge and trying very hard not to tip my head a little and fall asleep on the keyboard. 😀
11:50 Luuuuuunch is over.
12:45 Ok… got French class over with.
1:20 Boom! Science class is down the drain! Not literally… Still have to go tomorrow.
1:50 Advisory class over. I may have or may have not taken a nap…
2:35 Yes! English is over! Basketball! P.S. I LOVE BASKETBALL
3:40 Aw. Basketball over. Oh well, time to go do homework at home.

5:30 (Today) Basketball game! I’ll update stats once we win. Hopefully.

So you can tell that I get mildly tired. Well, very tired. So what would an awesome solution be? Well, whatever happened to nap time? It seems to me that once we leave kindergarden, we suddenly realize how much we need nap time, and then middle school is such a drag with all the long classes and whatnot. Well, I guess it’s true that you never know what you’ve got until its gone. The irony.

Spilled Water Means A Lot; Happy Halloween!

The water spilled out of my cup. No. It flew out of my cup. And I had been on the other side of the room.

I don’t know what had made my cup spill. All I know is that this is usually how Halloween goes in the Marken’s house. Weird things always happen, and they usually have no explanation. My family has lived here for almost 14 years, and apparently it has always been like this. The cops told us that newspapers declared this house as haunted, long before my parents bought this house. I believed them, but my parents did not.

I set out to find who had started this awful stroke of bad luck, and before I knew it, my best friend was involved, my sister was involved, and my dog, Taz, was involved. We started with the basics. Then, along with the clues, we started investigating. Then out of nowhere, we met the ghost. And this is how it happened.

“Uh, Meredith, I think I found something.”

“No… oh man. This isn’t good.”

Ellen is my best friend. Always has, always will be. She calls me Meredith, even though my real name is Marlyna. Neither of us had really liked my name when we first met. So let me back up. We decided to do out school project on the Haunting of Heverman Street. Well, to be fair, Halloween was in a week. I lived on Heverman street. I lived in the house that was apparently haunted. I had seen my glass of water tip multiple times, and it was really creeping me out, even though I had lived with this all my life. So we found some old newspapers, grabbed a notepad and pen, and set off. What we found in this particular newspaper was crazy. Apparently, there once had been an old man who was so filled with grief for his children that had been murdered, that he hung himself. Freaky. But get this; he hung himself on a tree, in the orchid of the suspected killer, technically setting him up as the man’s killer. What kind of revenge is that? But anyway, the suspected killer moved away after a while, and the orchid was cut down. The wood was used to build a house. They used the same tree the man hung himself on to build part of my house. After searching for hours on the laptops in the library, we found the plan of my house. Since it had a “record” for ghosts, somebody had mapped out where the old man’s tree was. And guess where it was used? That’s right. In my room.

Now don’t get me wrong; its fantastic to learn that ghosts to exist. But right before Halloween? Absolutely not. Just… what?! I do not want to wake up in the middle of the night to find a ghost trying to tie a noose around my neck and tying me to that same tree!

So Ellen and I went back home and went into my room. We found the plank in the ground and sat down on my bed. We heard a whimper, and saw Taz waddle in. Taz never comes into my room. Scurrying around the plank, Taz jumped onto my lap and put his head down. That is when we saw it rise.

“Ack, this sawdust! What on earth! Why, why, why…” Said a voice.

“Ellen, it’s everywhere!” I whispered. Taz got up and barked. At least someone was trying to be brave. And that’s when it happened. Something whitish, bluish busted out of the plank. Coughing and sputtering, it rose.

“Ladies, nice to meet you!” It coughed. That’s all I heard. The rest was lost as Ellen and I screamed and raced out of that room.

“Wait! Wait, wait, wait! I didn’t mean it like that! Wait, did I do something wrong? Stop right there!” It yelled. It raced infront of us and held up a ghostly figure of a hand in a stop motion.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it.” Ellen and I screamed again and backed up against the wall. “Hey, hey, I’m not that kind of ghost! I”m just stuck in that plank of wood and Halloween is the only time I can get out. Please, stop screaming girls! My ears are going to start bleeding, and that is hardly possible with a ghost. See, see? Even Tazzy here isn’t afraid of me.” Meanwhile, Itty, our cat, had been rubbing up against the ghost.

“Um, Mr. Ghost, thats Itty. The dog is Taz.” Ellen stated.

“Oh it doesn’t make a difference… cat, dog. Oh well. Ah now, thank you for not screaming your heads off. Haha… did you get that? I think it was funny… screaming your heads off in front of a ghost? No…? Ok. Well. Let’s start over. I’m Jeff, the house ghost, and you are…?” He asked.

“Um, I’m Meredith. That’s Ellen. I kind of live in that room… could you explain a little bit whats going on…” I muttered.

“Ah, well yes, you see, I’m a house ghost, and I protect you slash live with you slash make your Halloweens truly spooky slash just kinda there slash usually play with the animals while you guys are gone.”

“But why do you do this?” Ellen asked.

“Ah, well, can’t go anywhere, you see. That plank can be removed, just no one has bothered quite yet, so I’m stuck here. If it was moved onto my tombstone, now that would be a different story. But that is quite alright. 5o years of nothing gives you a good hobby for patience. Now, if you will excuse me, I would like to take a morning nap. Or evening nap…  I really must work on my sense of time!” He chuckled.

Ellen and I stood, dazed, as he faded into the wood, still chuckling. But one thing was clear to both of us. Mr. Jeff-the-ghost really wanted to get out be free. So we freed him. We grabbed a hammer and beat out the plank of wood. It turns out it was quite a small plank of wood, only about seven inches long and about three inches across, I believe. In the middle of the hammering, we heard someone yelp in the wood and say, “Hey! Keep it down out there! Trying to take a nap over here!” And I finally realized where that voice had been coming from all along.

Ellen and I succeeded in pulling the wood out. But as we put it down, Mr. Jeff-the-Ghost came out again.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”He yelped.

“Um… removing your plank…” I stuttered back.

“Ah, well, in that case, thank you! Sorry, I thought you were about to snap it. That would not be good. Please, go on. I can lead you to my tombstone, I think. Only been there once, you see. That is quite alright though, as now I can be free, if of course, you don’t change your mind in the middle of the expedition. Cherrio, come on then!” He lead us out.

Ellen and I still remember that night. We still remember that bluish glow leading us through the graveyard. I still remember Itty rubbing up against my legs and Taz barking at a tree. It was a great night, actually, and I learned something important. It is easier to believe things even before the proof has come, actually, since life is too short to skip around and come back to whatever you forgot. Oh, and Mr. Jeff still visits us. But now he can go wherever he’d like. Did you know that ghosts can have girlfriends?